Do You Need a Carbon Filter for Home or Business?

Carbon filtering is a method of filtering that utilizes a bed of activated carbon to remove impurities from a fluid through adsorption. Activated carbon is often used in filters due to its large surface area, which has been treated to be much larger than untreated carbon. Terrabloom offers high-quality activated carbon air filters that can be used to combat VOCs and indoor odors. The uses of a carbon filter in the home are vast, from eliminating odorous gases and keeping the air clean and healthy, to improving the growing environment for plants and eliminating kitchen odors, pet odors, and fumes from various hobbies. In the case of carbon filters, VOCs and odor-causing molecules attach to activated carbon molecules.

This second step of creating more pores makes activated carbon work very well to filter pollutants from air and water. In addition to being discreet and eliminating bad odor, a carbon filter can contribute to plant health. So if you're wondering if you need one for your home or business, the answer is yes! Using a carbon filter can make 3D printing and laser engravers in the home safer and prevent complaints from neighbors who are sensitive to odors. If you cook, have food in the house, pets, neighbors who smoke, or certain creative hobbies, you definitely need a charcoal filter in your home. To choose the best carbon filter for your home, consider factors such as size, type of filter media, airflow rate, and cost. Additionally, make sure to replace your filter regularly for optimal performance.