How Long Does an Activated Carbon Filter Last? - Get the Best Quality for Maximum Efficiency

Activated carbon filters are a great way to keep your air and water clean and free of pollutants and allergens. But how long do they last? The answer depends on the quality of the carbon, the type of filter, and the environment in which it is used. Generally, a good quality activated carbon air filter will last up to six months, while water filters can last between two and six months. Refrigerator filters usually last up to six months, while some filters may need to be replaced after only three months.

Poor quality tap water and frequent use can reduce the lifespan of activated carbon filters. The number of gallons of water an activated carbon filter can process depends on what is in the water supply. Lower quality filters won't last as long as higher quality ones. It's important to note that even with a good quality filter, the duration of use can be affected by several factors specific to different situations.

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With proper maintenance and regular replacement, you can ensure that your air and water remain clean and free of pollutants and allergens for years to come.